Imposter Syndrome & Burnout


1185149002Life feels like a flat-out sprint!

It’s a frantic race… to prove your worthiness.

You feel like you’ve been running from a monster – the one of being “found out” as a fraud, incompetent, or worse.

In the endurance race of high-demand careers, where excellence is the standard, “imposter syndrome” can be particularly potent, leading to a cycle of self-doubt and overcompensation.

It creeps into the lives of even the most accomplished people, whispering insidious doubts about their success and abilities, attributing their achievements to external factors or sheer luck.

The fear-mongering can be very powerful, sweeping you up in the idea that you’re a fraud despite all evidence to the contrary.

When you’re terrified that someone will “find out”…

You obsessively hide your “flaws” and perceived shortcomings.

It’s a quest for perfection. Every task… every project… every endeavor… they must not only meet but exceed the highest standards.

This drive can propel you to great heights, but it also paves the way to burnout.

The pursuit of perfection leaves little room for anything else, and all that’s left is a state of chronic exhaustion.

2043723455“Have I come all this way just to feel like… this?”

As you teeter between feeling like a fake or a burnout, you can’t help but wonder: “Is this really what life is??”

Or maybe you’ve already fallen into the abyss – the chronic physical and emotional exhaustion that follows a monsoon season of stress and self-doubt. The constant internal and external pressure to perform at peak levels has completely depleted your physical, emotional, and mental resources.

Maybe you’re thinking you’ve made a terrible choice in your profession… or that your whole life is wrong… or that you need to scrap it all, run away, and start over.

Perhaps you feel like this is the last page of the book of your life as you know it.

This doesn’t have to be the finale.

In the whirlwind of a demanding career, it’s easy to feel like you’re on an unstoppable train, hurtling toward burnout.

With the right guidance and support, you can arrive at the pivot point you need to survive this storm and thrive in the future.

Together, we can transform your professional and personal life into what you envisioned before boarding that “imposter train.”

1156978234Let’s take a new direction.

Together, we’ll find the sources of stress and the unhelpful (and probably untrue) thinking patterns keeping imposter syndrome alive.

We’ll re-center your life on what matters most to you. If you’re like most people suffering from imposter syndrome, your values have been buried under a mountain of high expectations.

And by building your goal-setting, time-management, and boundary-setting skills, you’ll become more resilient and overcome the perfectionistic paradox of “doing more but achieving less.”

You can write a new chapter…

You just need support and guidance.

Consulting with an expert is not a sign of weakness; it’s a declaration of your strength and commitment to yourself and your best life.

Let’s end the tyranny of imposter syndrome… and get off that bullet train to burnout!

Take that first step and reach out for your free 15-minute consultation.