About Our Work Together


548218657When the pressure and intensity feel crushing…

Your entire world is demanding and feels completely unforgiving.

Between long hours, high-stakes decisions, and the constant pursuit of achievement, perfection feels like an expectation.

The toll it’s taking on you can no longer be ignored.

When the voice of Imposter Syndrome gets so loud…

The weight of responsibility is crushing.

The fear of making critical errors is paralyzing.

This relentless pursuit of achievement has left you with crippling anxiety, constantly feeling stressed, struggling to focus, and making you believe that you’re one mistake away from being found out as a fraud.

Outwardly, you appear accomplished, but really, you’re a mess of sleepless nights and strained relationships.

Burnout is knocking at your door…

And you’re terrified it’s going to let itself in, make itself at home, and leave you with no choice but to abandon everything you have worked so hard to create because you can no longer manage your life.

Or when your partnership is suffering.

Long hours, demanding schedules, and the pressure to excel can leave little time for quality time together.

This has left you both with feelings of distance, unmet needs, and disconnectedness.

When you’re questioning your career or your leadership abilities…

You’re stuck in a professional rut, struggling to envision the next steps on your path.

Decisions have become daunting, and the fear of making the wrong choice has left you frozen.

You’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks and responsibilities, so much so that your personal life consistently takes a backseat to your professional responsibilities. You’re even finding it challenging to navigate conflicts or have difficult conversations with team members or colleagues.

You’re aspiring to become an exceptional leader, but you’re stumbling on each of these blocks and don’t know why or where to start.

Then, it’s time to get help.

When pursuing excellence, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that emotional well-being is secondary to performance.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ignoring one’s emotional state can lead to burnout, diminished performance, damaged relationships, and ultimately, hinder the path to true success.

That’s where I come in. Let’s take a scientific approach.

As a clinical psychologist with expertise in Neuropsychology and Executive Coaching, I assess and optimize cognitive and emotional functioning.

It’s my job and passion to equip you with the mental tools to thrive in high-pressure environments. Our work together will be evidence-based and science-backed.

Through targeted interventions, we’ll address your stumbling blocks, such as anxiety, imposter syndrome, stress management, emotional regulation, and mental performance.

1684479145I make the science relatable and understandable.

I’ll translate all of that science from the language of the ivory tower to real-world speak and make it relevant for you.

With a nonjudgmental stance and a keen ability to convey complex ideas in ways that are easily understood, I truly listen to my clients.

This enables me to provide tailored guidance and support while adapting my approach to meet your unique needs.

You’ll also get a confidential thought partner!

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of my practice. Our work together is held in strict confidence, which creates a safe space for open and honest dialogue. This level of trust allows for a deeper exploration of sensitive topics and ensures privacy.

Talking with friends and family can be helpful, but they have their own lives, responsibilities, and biases. Because of concerns about judgment or unintentional consequences, talks with friends and family often fail to create a space to explore your thoughts and emotions freely.

Our time together is focused on YOU – your growth, success, and well-being. The attention is dedicated to YOU to help you navigate challenges, set goals, and develop personal and professional development strategies.

Here’s some of what we can do together…

Lemairephotosarah109Individual and Couples Therapy

Our work together begins with a thorough understanding of your present circumstances. After exploring your background and relevant history, we’ll finish our first session by discussing your vision of an ideal future. That vision will be the “North Star” that guides us on this journey.

Adult ADHD Assessments and Therapy

We’ll start by exploring everything relevant to your current struggles – their past and present manifestations, how you’ve tried to improve your life, and what has and hasn’t worked.

We’ll then complete a series of assessments to understand your unique brain – how it works and processes information. These assessments go a long way toward explaining your “snags” in life. They’ll also guide us in creating an action plan for improving your life that works well with YOUR brain!

Executive Assessments and Coaching

The executive assessment is the most thorough tool available for business executives and entrepreneurs. It integrates cognitive, psychological, personality, and leadership style assessments to accelerate personal and professional growth.

Our first session will focus on your background, career trajectory, and desired outcomes. From that conversation, we design a customized assessment to illuminate the best path for realizing your vision – one that respects your brain and preferences.

The assessment process culminates in a feedback session where we discuss your results and create an action plan to harness your strengths and cultivate an adaptive approach to your work and your life – one that keeps you on the path where you’re achieving your goals.

This is your only life. Your time is now.

No more waiting.

No more wondering.

No more fumbling.

No more feeling like you’re failing to live up to your potential.

Reach out today to see how our work together will take your life to greater heights.

About Me

AdminMy passion for this work started at an early age.

My love of the human brain and the science behind cognitive performance and emotional well-being began when I took my first yoga class at 15. That class gave me a visceral understanding of how the brain, body, and environment interact to create mood, emotions, and behavior. From that moment forward, I became captivated by the intricate tapestry of the mind-body connection. I delved into studies, exploring disciplines like psychology, neuroscience, and holistic health. I remain a yoga enthusiast to this day.

Some of my education and experience…

I received my doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Miami. Then, I spent almost a decade in San Diego, California, working primarily with veterans and active-duty military. That’s where I fell in love with working with people (as well as their partners and families) in high-pressure, high-performance environments.

I was the first neuropsychologist embedded with the US Navy SEAL teams. Working alongside our nation’s elite performers, I witnessed their unwavering commitment to physical and mental conditioning. They understand that peak performance is not solely a matter of physical prowess but emotional resilience. This understanding is what sets them apart in the most challenging missions.

Outside the office…

I’m a working mom of two toddlers with an active-duty military husband. We are a dual-career couple deeply committed to performing at our best at work and home.

When I’m not working with clients like you, I can be found on my yoga mat, in the kitchen making up recipes with whatever I can find (a game I like to call “refrigerator bingo”), in the backyard trying to get Gemma and Simon (our two dogs) to stop barking at the birds, or at the rock climbing gym with my husband.