ADHD Assessment and Therapy


1489697975A continuous whirlwind of chaos and missed opportunities…

That’s probably the way life has felt as long as you can remember. Despite your best intentions and efforts, you keep falling short of your potential.

You wonder why you can’t just “get it together” like everyone else. It takes Herculean effort to do even the simplest of tasks. It’s no wonder procrastination, disorganization, and forgetfulness are constant companions.

You can hyper-focus on some things… but can’t even start others. You spend hours engrossed in some projects but drop the ball with routine chores and deadlines. You may have even concluded that you’re lazy or lack discipline.

Even friendships and relationships have been a struggle. Your tendency to interrupt conversations has led to misunderstandings and frayed connections. Your restlessness and need for stimulation make others see you as aloof or uninterested, even when that’s not true.

Life’s a lot like navigating a maze wearing a blindfold.

You know you’re capable of so much more.

You have moments of deep flow where your energy is high, you solve complex problems, or you generate great works of creativity. And your ability to think “outside the box” is second to none.

You know you have a well of superpowers, but those traits seem elusive and sporadic.

Living as a capable adult is just so… fleeting.

You’ve probably read blogs and wondered if adult ADHD could explain why.

1674151522You deserve to know.

Let’s find the root cause and end the struggle.

A neuropsychological assessment can shed light on your experiences. I’ve administered many; I’m deeply committed to empowering you and improving your life with the knowledge and insights these assessments provide.

Each evaluation is customized to address YOU, including your unique cognitive and behavioral profile. I look at various aspects of attention and executive functions, like planning, organization, and memory. We’ll examine the cognitive, emotional, social, and occupational impact on your daily functioning.

An accurate diagnosis is more than just a label; it’s about embracing your true self. The quirks that once seemed like drawbacks can morph into unique attributes to appreciate and utilize. Rather than viewing ADHD as a limitation, let’s channel it to be your secret weapon.

With understanding and acceptance comes great power!

2184894341Evaluation typically takes the following path…

Initial consultation…

We’ll begin by thoroughly discussing your concerns, history, and any relevant background information. This will help me form a clear picture of your unique situation.

Comprehensive assessment…

The evaluation will encompass a series of standardized tests, questionnaires, and clinical interviews. These tools are designed to measure a wide range of cognitive functions, including attention, memory, executive functions, and other key areas.

Analysis and interpretation…

After gathering the necessary information, I’ll meticulously analyze the results. This involves comparing your performance against others of similar age and background and considering any factors influencing the outcomes.

Feedback and recommendations…

I’ll walk you through a detailed report summarizing the findings and clear and actionable recommendations. This may include targeted interventions, lifestyle adjustments, and suggestions for additional support.

Collaborative care planning…

We’ll develop a tailored plan to address your unique needs based on the assessment outcomes.

711781954It doesn’t have to end there.

I don’t just leave you with the “label.” Our work together can extend beyond the diagnosis.

Your comprehensive assessment will highlight your specific strengths, challenges, and goals, forming the foundation of your personalized therapy plan.

We’ll leverage the knowledge gained to create a tailored plan to improve skills like time management, organization, planning prioritization, motivation, and focus.

If you have ADHD, I have proven techniques to help you live a better life.

If you’re wondering, don’t wait to find out.

ADHD can be like electricity. When unidentified and unchanneled, it can be a destructive force and wreak havoc.

If you suspect you may be living with undiagnosed ADHD, a professional evaluation is the first step toward self-discovery, acceptance, and empowerment.

Embracing your unique wiring may be the key to unlocking your untapped potential!

Understanding is the first step to stopping the suffering. Reach out today for your free 15-minute consultation.